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  0-1.Press machine 0-2.1.Grinding mill
0-2.2.Grinding mill 0-3.1.Fusion System
0-3.2.Fusion System 0-4.Water Chillers
  1-1.Spectrophotometer Cells 2-2.Graphite Furnace Parts
3-3.Hollow Cathode lamps 3-3.Air Compressors
  2-1.Column Heater 2-2.Syringe for GC&HPLC
2-3.Filter paper & membrane 2-4.Gas Generators
  2-11Ultrasonic Processors 2-6Magnetic Stirrers
  2-7Multi Heaters Shaker 2-10Solvent Recycler
  2-9Vacuum Degassing Systems
  2-8Solvent Filtration Apparatus
  2-5Advanced dry vacuum pressure pumps
  Electrical Chemical
  3-1.PH Meters 3-2.Conductivity Meter
3-3.Potentiometric Titrators 3-4.Electrode
  Laboratory Instruments
  4-1.Electrical Balances  
4-2.Water Purification Equipments
  5-1.Refractometers 5-2.Melting-point
5-3.Refractometer 5-4.Glossmeter
  Pharmaceutical test equipments
  Spectrum and chromatography
  7-1.UV Spectrophotometers 7-2.AAS Spectrometer
7-3.Gas Chromatography 7-4.Flame Spectrophotometer
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