Model FP640/FP6410 Flame Spectrophotometer


FP640 Flame Spectrophotometer



FP-640 flame photometer is an improved instrument based on the original model.

A digital display to show clear measurement results. Improved gas path system suitable for various fuels, easy to operate and with stable readings.

It meets the requirements of medical clinical test. In addition to new added functions of testing high contented K and Na, it has the detection function of Li salt taken by the mental patients.

Complete set including a main instrument, an air compressor, accessories and spare parts


Linear range

K: 0.02mmol/L-0.07mmol/L




(for medical clinical test)


Cv £ 2%






FP6410 Flame Spectrophotometer

Application Areas

A lot of new technology and new materials are adopted. Such features as LCD display, menu-type instruction operation, curve storage, flameout protector and outside printout are enabled by the application of top grade embedded mono-chip computer circuit.


Linear range: K: 0~30mg/|;

Related coefficient: bigger than 0.999

Measuring range: 

K: 0~10mmo|/L, Na: 0~200mmo|/L

Reproducibility: (GV%):K: 1.5%(5mmo|/L or 50mmo|/L) , Na: 1.0%(140 mmol /L)

Linear error: K: 2%; Na: 2%:

Response time: not longer than 8s

Solution consumption: 4ml /min; flameout detection, automatic gas cut-off function

RS232 interface, available to be connected with computer

Working conditions:

Environmental Temperature: 10 -35

Relative humidity: ≤ 85%

The instrument should be placed horizontally, avoiding direct sunshine radiation. There is no disturbance of strong electromagnetic field or vibration.

Fire extinguishing device should be equipped in the application field and good aeration should be guaranteed.

Power supply: AC220V ± 22V, frequency 50Hz ± 1Hz, with good grounding.